semicroma-labelLabel & Publishing

The pathway of the record label “LA SEMICROMA” was founded in 2003 and over the years has been enriched by new experiences and fields of expertise. Our entrepreneurial journey has gotten underway through publishing and musical productions and has led us to the results obtained till now. Our record label has an active and considerable catalogue that has established itself as part of a number of independent productions.


La Semicroma record label catalogue includes productions belonging to different genres. Many of the productions of the label are available in the best online music stores.


The publishing catalogue, mainly shared with Melodramma music publishers, has been the first entrepreneurial step for La Semicroma label, and continues to be one of the strengths of the label.


If you are interested in collaborating with La Semicroma and want to propose unreleased tracks and songs or cover music of any kind, send us a demo accompanied by a short presentation.

semicroma-weddingsWeddings & Events

A dinner amongst friends, your company’s convention, a special occasion or the most important party of your life: creating the right atmosphere for every type of event is our mission. In our opinion, we believe music should be an integral part of any event and for this we make sure that it fits perfectly in the event itself, without being overbearing, but adding value, capable of enhancing the atmosphere and the sensations you want to convey. A tailored music program is established once you fully understand every customer’s needs: for this we are certain to offer the right music program for events that will satisfy your needs and desires.



semicroma-marketingMusic & Video Design

This area of intervention of La Semicroma is designed especially for companies, although nothing prevents making music or video for every need. Our music label transforms music and video in a vehicle for all types of communication, capable of giving an added value to every brand. La Semicroma directly follows the entire process of design, production and offers advice for each project where music and images are the protagonists.




    Via del Casale de Merode, 17A – 00147 Roma 
    Ph: 339.4488363

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