If the image of an object testifies offering and its depth is the complexity of that image, so we can safely say that each object is a person, and as such has a soul, and the soul is born in the beauty and beauty is nourished, it needs it to live … [J. Hillman]

Creating a unique compilation that reflects the image of a company or a brand and becomes an integral part is the mission that La Semicroma endorses. There are many purposes which a compilation can accomplish. For example:

⊕  A compilation, made according to customer’s specific needs, can be conceived as a business tool or a product to be sold. This is the solution chosen, for example, by some tour operators, which have made use of La Semicroma to make compilations of songs for group dances of Latin America used by its organisers in various holiday resorts and sold to guests which can also increase the remembrance of the brand.

⊕  The compilation of music or images and videos on CD and DVD can also be used as an advertising medium to communicate new initiatives or give detail on companies or tourist facilities. La Semicroma has carried out projects in this area for: banks, private and public institutions, wellness centres and hotel chains, which in many cases have required additional musical advice to render the stay of customers at their facilities as pleasant as possible.

⊕  Compilations of La Semicroma can be also designed as a tribute to allocate to customers; we have realised this idea for wellness centres and clubs, offering themed playlists.

⊕  The idea was put into practice, for example, by an important credit institution with the aim of enhancing its territory, where they entrusted us for the production and the realisation of a gift box containing local food products and a CD with music of authors and performers belonging to the area.

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